Kids Parent’s Page

Kids Parents Page

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Kids in Mind Website (see if movies are suitable for you and your kids) Click HERE for “Your Source for Parenting and Parental Invovement Information” from The Center for Effective Parenting/Arkansas Parent Information & Resource Center.

Click HERE for “Parenting in Arkansas” from Arkansas Children’s Hospital.

Click HERE for 10 Ways to Raise a Reader.

Click HERE for 10 Ways to Be a Great Parent.

Click HERE for Ways to Help Your Child Get Ready for Kindergarten.

WEB WATCH Internet Safety from Phi Delta Kappan The Journal for Education by Mark Hanes and Matt Roll

Staying safe on the Internet is important. But as our online lives continue to expand, we need to ask ourselves, How safe are we? And while Internet safety may start with keeping children safe, everyone in a community needs to be aware of potential problems and on guard against them. Listed below are some useful and informative websites to help all individuals in the community keep themselves and their loved ones safe while they surf.