Kids Summer Registration 2017

Classes and Mini-sessions that require registration are listed below.
Registration opens May 31.

See the Program Guide for more Children’s programs, resources and activities.

Building a Better World Classes

Building a Better World Mini-sessions

Classes are one week long – Monday through Friday.  Mini-sessions are from one day to four days.
Preschool Science Ages 3-5
Choose one of two identical sessions
10:15-11:30am June 19-23 or
10:15-11:30am July 24-28
Parents and preschoolers will work together to enjoy a
world of science and experiments.
Got Raw Milk? Ages 3-12
2-4pm Mon., June 12 (Waiting List Only)
Learn to turn raw milk into, butter, cheese and kefir.
Science for Kids 6-9
Choose one of two identical sessions
12-1:30pm June 19-23 (Waiting List Only) or
12-1:30pm July 24-28 (Waiting List Only)
A fun science experience packed full of fun experiments.
Cooking Class Ages 6-9
1:15-2pm Mon. & Thurs., July 3 & 6 (Waiting List Only)
Cook and savor the flavor of your culinary creations.
Sign Language Ages 6-12
2:30-3:30pm June 26-30 (Waiting List Only)
A basic, introductory sign language course.
Gardening Class Ages 10-12
2:30-3:30pm Mon., Tues. & Wed.,
June 26, 27, & 28
Dig in and learn about plants, soil, and organic gardening.
Science for Tweens Ages 10-12
Choose one of two identical sessions
2-3:15pm June 19-23 or
2-3:15pm July 24-28
Expect lots of fun and hands-on activities!
Paper Airplanes Ages 10-12
10:30-11:30am Wed., July 5 (Waiting List Only)
Lesson on aerodynamics and flying strategies
Robotics Ages 6-12
July 17-21
Ages 6-9, 10-11am (Waiting List Only)
Ages 10-12, 11:30am-12:30pm (Waiting List Only) 
Ages 10-12, 1:30-2:30pm (Waiting List Only)
Foundation course with Lego Mindstorms module and software.

Building Strengths Classes

Building Strengths Mini-sessions

Classes are one week long – Monday through Friday. Mini-sessions are from one to four days.
 Yoga For Kids Class Ages 6-9
10-11am June 12-16 (Waiting List Only)
Build balance and strength.
Jenga Tournaments Ages 6-12
Tues., June 13 & July 11
Ages 6-9, 2-3pm
Ages 10-12, 3-4pm
Test your building skills in a Jenga double
elimination tournament of this Swahili
named game. Register once for the two
session tournament on June 13 & July 11
Chess Camp Ages 8-12
11:30am-12:30pm June 26-30  (Waiting List Only)
Learn to play chess. No experience required
Beginning Golf Ages 6-12
Ages 6-9, 1:30-2:30pm Wed.-Fri. June 14-16 (Waiting List Only)
Ages 10-12, 1:30-2:30pm Wed.-Fri. June 28-30  (Waiting List Only)
Square Dancing Ages 8-12
3:30-5:30pm Wed., June 14 & June 21
A two session course teaches the in & outs and
rounds & rounds of group dancing.
Archery Ages 10-12
10:30am-12pm Mon. & Tues., June 5 & 6 (Waiting List Only)
Learn beginning archery skills with an
instructor from Arkansas Game & Fish.

Building Creativity Classes


Building Creativity Mini-sessions

 Classes are one week long – Monday through Friday.  Mini-sessions are from one to four days.
Arts & Crafts Class Ages 6-9
Choose one of two identical sessions
10:15-11:30am June 5-9 (Waiting List Only) or
10:15-11:30am July 10-14 (Waiting List Only)
Involves drawing, painting, cutting and gluing.
Preschool Art Ages 3-5
Choose one of two identical sessions
Mon., Wed., & Thurs.
10:15-11am June 26-29 (Waiting List Only) or
3:15-4:15pm July 10-13 (Waiting List Only)
Parent & child explore hands on arts and
crafts projects
Creating with Looms Ages 8-12
10:15-11:15am July 17-21 (Waiting List Only)
Learn to knit a scarf, hat, or leg warmers using a loom.
Preschool Music Ages 3-5
Choose one of two identical sessions
10:15-11am Tues. & Wed., June 13 & 14 (Waiting List Only) or
11:30-12:15 Tues. & Wed., July 18 & 19 (Waiting List Only)
Learn rhythm, singing, and dancing.
Art Class Ages 10-12
Choose one of two identical sessions
12-1:30pm June 5-9 (Waiting List Only) or
12-1:30pm July 10-14
Explore different art media to produce your own
Career Day Ages 3-9
10:30am-1pm Sat., July 6
Pretend play. Meet professionals in
their field and learn about the “toys”
of their careers.
Poetry Class Ages 10-12
2-3pm July 10-14
Words and drawings come together as you write,
sketch and journal.
Wood Construction Ages 3-9
10:30-11:30am Thurs. & Fri., June 15 & 16 (Waiting List Only)
Hammer & glue a little wooden project
with Home Depot.
Puppetry Ages 6-9
2-3pm Mon.-Thurs., July 17-20 (Waiting List Only)
Perform stories using puppets and
voice variations.
Music for Tweens Ages 10-12
5-6pm Mon. & Tues., June 12 & 13 (Waiting List Only)
Build a song by recording different
Aussie Fun Jam Ages 10-12
2-3pm Sat., July 1
Learn to play animal sounds and simple rhythms
with didgeridoos, a funky Australian instrument!

 Cultural Exploration For ages 6-12 
3-4pm every Wednesday in June & July

Explore the look, taste and sound of the native countries of several students from the Twin Lakes Literacy Council citizenship class. Register once for an 8 session event celebrating cultures around the world.