Eat Well, Play Well
Feb. 6, 2016 through April 30, 2016

What is in the food we eat? Are fruits and vegetables important? Can everyday activities burn calories?

Families, children and school groups will find the answers to these questions by exploring nutrition and fitness in Eat Well, Play Well. This highly interactive exhibit encourages healthy living by teaching the science of making healthy food choices and helping children and adults discover there are many fun and interesting ways to stay active. Visitors will discover what an appropriate serving size looks like, see firsthand what it takes to burn off calories, test their flexibility and balance, review the latest clinical research and realize that they can reduce their risk of disease with healthy choices that are within their reach!


Eat Well, Play Well Program Series

Exhibits are open during regular Library hours and are offered at no charge thanks to generous sponsors.  To arrange for a school or group visit, please contact Jennifer Veloria-Dunn at jennifer.v@baxlib.org or 870-580-0987  ext.2991.

Exhibit Archive

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