Brain Teasers 2
Sept., 2017 through Nov., 2017

Brain Teasers 2 features a variety of intriguing brain teasers—from mathematical conundrums to mind-boggling block puzzles—for visitors of all ages. To solve these puzzles, visitors use creative-thinking and problem-solving strategies, such as looking for patterns, logical reasoning, thinking ahead, setting aside preconceived ideas, and looking at problems from different perspectives.brain-teasers-3


Exhibits are open during regular Library hours and are offered at no charge thanks to generous sponsors.  To arrange for a school or group visit, please contact Jennifer Veloria-Dunn at jennifer.v@baxlib.org or 870-580-0987  ext.2991.

Exhibit Archive

2016 Eat Well, Play Well

2015  Here, There, and Everywhere

2014 Crime Lab Detective

2013 Discover Tech Engineers Make a World of Difference

2012 Lincoln: The Constitution and the Civil War