Judith Pella

Daughters of Fortune

  1. Written on the Wind
  2. Somewhere a Song
  3. Toward the Sunrise
  4. Homeward my Heart

Highland (coauthored with Michael Phillips)

  1. Jaime MacLeod, Highland Lass
  2. Robbie Taggart, Highland Sailor

Lone Star Legacy

  1. Frontier Lady
  2. Stoner’s Crossing
  3. Warrior’s Song

Patchwork Circle

  1. Bachelor’s Puzzle
  2. Sister’s Choice

Ribbons of Steel

  1. Distant Dreams
  2. A Hope Beyond
  3. A Promise for Tomorrow

Ribbons West

  1. Westward the Dream
  2. Separate Roads
  3. Ties that Bind

Stonewycke Legacy (coauthored with Michael Phillips; shelved at Phillips)

  1. Stranger at Stonewycke
  2. Shadows over Stonewycke
  3. Treasures of Stonewycke