Lauraine Snelling

Dakota Treasures

  1. Ruby
  2. Pearl
  3. Opal
  4. Amethyst

Daughters of Blessing

  1. A Promise for Ellie
  2. Sophie’s Dilemma
  3. A Touch of Grace
  4. Rebecca’s Reward

Home to Blessing

  1. A Measure of Mercy
  2. No Distance too Far
  3. A Heart for Home

Red River of the North

  1. An Untamed Heart
  2. An Untamed Land
  3. A New Day Rising
  4. A Land to Call Home
  5. The Reaper’s Song
  6. Blessing in Disguise
  7. Tender Mercies

 Return to Red River

  1. A Dream to Follow
  2. Believing the Dream
  3. More than a Dream

Secret Refuge

  1. Daughter of Twin Oaks
  2. Sisters of the Confederacy
  3. The Long Way Home

Song of Blessing

  1. To Everything a Season
  2. A Harvest of Hope
  3. Streams of mercy

Wild West Wind

  1. Valley of Dreams
  2. Whispers in the Wind
  3. A Place to Belong