The Baxter County Public Library Foundation is comprised of community volunteers dedicated to providing financial support to the Library. Support from the Library Foundation is critical to sustaining Library programs and resources and helping the Library answer the ever-changing, information, recreation, and education needs of the people of Baxter County. The Library Foundation is an Arkansas not-for-profit corporation recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) tax-deductible charitable foundation founded in 1999. The Library Foundation manages two restricted funds, earnings from which provide support for Library programs and maintenance.

The Foundation currently holds two annual fundraising events, the Ante Up for the Library Texas Hold’em Tournament and Pub Night.


In 2016, the Baxter County Library Foundation provided 26% of the Library’s operating budget, greatly supplementing a one-mill county property tax enacted by voters in 1952. The Library Foundation depends on generous contributions in order to help the Library continue to deliver the same quality and quantity of services year after year. Please consider the different ways you can Give to the Library.

Library Foundation Trustees
Shonda Litty, President
Julie Wright, Vice President
Ann Harned, Treasurer
Deborah Knox, Secretary
Dr. John Ahrens
Nick Arnold
Kevin Bodenhamer
Joyce Cameron
Sonny Garrett
Dr. Steve Johnson
Phil Garner
Carol Landrum
Katrina Neis
Jo Wilson

Library Advisory Board
The Library Advisory Board is an extension of the Library Foundation. Advisory board members are volunteers who serve as community liaisons for the Foundation, sharing Library information with the public and providing valuable insight and feedback.

Library Advisory Board Members
Deborah Knox, Chair
Scott Booth
Kirk Brown
Jerry Don Cunningham
Christy Embach
Anita Hayden
Jon Hiser
Stephanie Hughes
Heather Loftis
Dr. Jake Long
Lynn McAlister
Dr. Robin Myers
Tobias Pugsley
Katie Risk
Dr. Christina White
Joshua Willard
Joe Miles, Library Board Representative

Library Foundation Office
Adeana Estoll, Foundation Coordinator